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Mouth Swab(Saliva) Drug Test.
In order to dab the wax with this tool, simply load up the extract into the chamber, click the button 5 times to power on the device, wait 5 seconds until it shows a green light (meaning it has reached its desired temperature), hold the power button down, and you’ll begin to see vapor fill up the glass holding tank. Once it has some fog in it, inhale deeply and enjoy the high-inducing cloud inside.
When you inhale, the vapor/smoke will be diffused from the barrel perc and travel upwards to the top cone via the tubes and the water will create a vortex, pretty heady feature if you ask me! Taking in water hydrates your body, and is one of the best ways to detoxify cannabis from your system. However, it cannot be rated as a magic solution, and most drug tests will be voided (meaning you’ll have to retake it) if it’s registered that your urine is too dilute to obtain an accurate reading.
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